Fish4Africa is a key supporter and participator in the activities undertaken by SATA (South African Tuna Association). SATA’s collaborative partnership with DAFF (Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) entails a variety of management methodologies aimed towards ensuring sustainable exploitation of tuna stocks.

As a long-standing member of SATA, Fish4Africa share their vision for promoting the conservation of tuna resources with the objective of long-term optimal utilisation, being given the right to fish for tuna with a pole and line – a more environmentally sustainable way of catching tuna.

This year, we are privileged to sponsor Clyde Bodenham, Chairman of SATA to attend two international upcoming conferences as a representative of South Africa. These include the World’s First One-By-One Tuna Fisheries Conference in Azores, Portugal (16th – 17th October 2017) and the ICCAT Conference (The International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas) to be held in Morocco where he will be joined by the South African delegation of DAFF. (14th – 22th November 2017).

ICCAT compiles fishery statistics from its members and from all entities fishing for tuna species in the Atlantic Ocean, coordinates research, including stock assessment, on behalf of its members, develops scientific-based management advice, provides a mechanism for contracting parties to agree on management measures, and produces relevant publications.

The main topic of discussion for the One-By-One Tuna Fisheries Conference in Portugal will centre on pole-and-line focused tuna fishing (one hook, one line and one fish at a time) where representatives from diverse locations (Northern Spain, Senegal, Azores/Madeira, Canary Islands, USA West Coast, Indonesia, Maldives, St Helena and Japan) will address matters relating to the following:

  • Market trends for one-by-one tuna
  • Retail perspective on committing to one-by-one tuna
  • Quality challenges in handline fisheries
  • Seafood sustainability tools and certifications overview

As proud sponsors in representing South Africa at these two global events, we wish Clyde Bodenham a successful trip where he can make a meaningful contribution by sharing scientific data and insights from a local perspective.