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Snoek can be enjoyed in a number of ways:

  • Braai/BBQ,
  • Bake 
  • Deep Fry

Nutrition Value: Omega 3, Vitamin B6 & B12,  Selenium, Phosphorous, Niacin, Iodine & magnesium, high in protein, very low saturated fat & sodium.

Portion Size per person: 250g – 300g

Taste: The flesh of Snoek is very oily, and the meat is firm and strongly flavoured, rather like mackerel on steroids.

To Drink with Snoek: Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz, Cabernet, Beer


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An oily, boney, flaky fish with a distinctly fishy flavour.

One fish weighs between 2.5kg – 3kg

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