Nasheema Fortuin and Caleb Maromedze work at our Strand store. Discover more about their favourite things related to fish and why they believe Fish4Africa is a leading fresh fish and seafood supplier.

Name: Nasheema Fortuin, Caleb Maromedze

Store: Strand

  1. What is your role at Fish4Africa?

N: Sales

C: Fish filleter

     2. How did you get into commercial fishing?

N: I was previously employed by Sharkex as a fish filleter.

C: I started with Fish4Africa at their Woodstock store.

3. What do you enjoy most about your job?

N: I enjoy giving excellent customer service and believing in Fish4Africa

C: The filleting and giving great customer service. I take pride in my work.

4. What is your favourite fish and why?

N: Snoek as it’s very versatile. You can braai, fry or grill it.

C: My favourite is Silver fish. I love the bones.

5. What do you think is the best way to cook fish?

N: I would say the best way is to bake or grill it.

C:  To steam with green peppers and to eat with potatoes.

6. What is your favourite fish dish?

N: My favourite fish dish is pickled fish.

C: My favourite is fried snoek and chips.

7. What do you do when you’re not working?

N: I am maintaining my home and looking after my children.

C: I like to relax and have a few beers.

8. Why do you think fish is an important food source?

N: Fish contains all the natural resources our bodies require.

C: Fish contains all natural products which don’t have preservatives.

9. What do you get asked most by customers?

N:  How to prepare certain types of fish

C:  How fresh is the fish and where was the fish caught.

10. What makes you smile?

N: The customer service that I provide, making a customer smile and asking customers for feedback to various recipes I recommended to them.

C: When I can satisfy any customer with a great customer service.

11. Why do you think Fish4Africa is a leading fish and seafood supplier?

N: I think they have the right slogan as they always deliver on this – anything fresher is still swimming.

C: Because it is such a well established business and it is so well known by everyone.