Seared Salmon with Sesame Seed Crust


  • 4 by 200g Fresh Salmon fillets (deboned, skin on)
  • 50ml sesame seed oil
  • 20g of black and white sesame seeds
  • Fresh crack of white pepper and cracked salt
  • 2 – 3 fresh ripe passion fruits
  • 1 punnet onion sprouts
  • 20 g shaved coconut


  1. Brush fillets with sesame oil (not the skin)
  2. Season with salt and white pepper
  3. Score skin of fillets with sharp knife ( this prevents the skin from shrinking when cooking) fold fish in half and make 2 – 3 cuts through the skin into the flesh not all the way through.
  4. Season skin with just salt
  5. Coat flesh side of fish (brushed with sesame oil) with the black & white sesame seeds
  6. In a medium heat non-stick pan cook 2 fillets at a time skin side down ALWAYS!!
  7. Allow skin to crispen up before turning over to the flesh side about 3 minutes a side.
  8. Remove from heat and allow fish to rest. Get to room temp, then transfer to the fridge.
  9. Slice with sharp knife whilst fish is cool.

Serve with fresh passion fruit, onion sprouts and lightly toasted shaved coconut and enjoy!

Recipe provided courtesy of Keanons Kitchen.