Fish is healthy and delicious, and it’s something we want to keep enjoying for many, many more years. Our ocean’s fish stocks are under great strain, and unless we start making more sustainable decisions when shopping or eating out, the situation is only going to become worse.

Since it’s also something we’re rather passionate about, we thought we’d share some tips on how you can choose responsibly when buying fish.

Green status means “go”

Organisations like WWF SASSI and the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) are devoted to making sure we have access to information that will inform our buying decisions.

They run plenty of research and conservation initiatives that ultimately drive change from the ships to the store. We really appreciate the work that these organisations do to keep our industry honest, efficient and thriving!

See how your favourites are rated on THE SASSI LIST >

 You can also search the status of a broad range of fish on the MSC’s Good Fish Guide here >

Is your favourite not on the green list?

There are plenty of alternatives to orange and red-listed fish, starting with…fish! SASSI’s “Table of Alternatives” offers a great guide to what to making sustainable fish choices. This is particularly helpful when it comes to eating out at restaurants.

Craving salmon? No problem – there’s rainbow trout! Red roman? Well, hottentot is a tasty green equivalent!

See the Table of Alternatives here >

Now that you know where to go to find out which fish are good to eat – including alternatives to your not-so-green favourites – we wish you happy shopping, and happy dining!